So this summer, on August 7, my grandmother turned 100 years old. It’s one of those things, having someone turn 100, lots of people know someone who is 100 or near that. Sometime in my lifetime 100 years went from being incredibly, impossibly old to very much an attainable age. Sure I know of people … Continue reading 100!

What’s up?

What exactly is happening of interest  to me? Months after moving in, we’re still finishing our move in, so to speak. This means dealing with the local talent: the plumbers, the carpenters, the handymen. This involves calling, making appointments, discussing projects in person and then setting up another appointment for getting the job down. Lots of … Continue reading What’s up?

Don’t feed the monkeys!

Don’t feed the monkeys. Order the pizza, fine but the monkeys like pizza. Look they’re right there waiting for you to look away so they can jump on your table and steal a slice of pizza. Of course  if you order something else they don’t really care.  


It’s Friday, hang in there everyone!