I’m working on a logo for a small NGO based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, GRAINS. They’re colleagues of Sophie, doing good work so I’m happy to help out in what little way I am. Here ‘s a sample of some ideas I threw together with the final one in the middle.  

Design from my past: Velocite

There was a time when web design was this new and exciting platform. I sort of saw myself getting in while the getting was good – using my artistic flair and sense of design to make radically new and exciting websites. And it was all possible thanks to this miraculous new innovative web platform:

So, my website…

So this is my actual website. I’m sure most of your browsers make it look terrible. You people should buy Apple computers. But I’ll try and sort things out. I imagine this looks terrible on your mobile device. Bear with me. But to start, I am this guy who lives in the South of France, … Continue reading So, my website…